New Horizons at UAB

New Horizons offers a variety of social opportunities to meet interesting people and to make new friends.

Come and Join us at NEW HORIZONS at UAB
“Where Curiosity Never Sleeps and Lasting Friendships Await”

New Horizons is a community of 50ish plus adults focused on life-long learning. We  organize stimulating presentations on a broad range of topics, sponsor cultural events, field trips and other activities of interest. Comprised of people with inquiring minds from a variety of backgrounds - academics, professionals, business and the arts – we gather three mornings a week for three semesters of eight weeks each hearing from interesting speakers and socializing. There’s also a bonus weekly Zoom discussion group. The topics are as varied as the people - from current affairs to astrophysics to the arts. The first semester begins January 4th; you may join anytime. New Horizons provides a wonderful opportunity if you’re looking for intellectual stimulation, new to Birmingham, have lost a partner or would simply like to meet people with similar interests. Comments singing the praises of New Horizons have included: “I made friends.” “The speakers are great.” “I learn something, get to meet people & socialize – what more could you ask for?” Upcoming speakers include Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper columnist John Archibald, historian Wayne Flynt, plus a viewing of the 1941 movie How Green Was My Valley about Welsh miners with follow up by a UAB professor talking about Wales. Our members say New Horizons helps keep them on the cutting edge on topics like electric cars, genetics, international affairs, cryptocurrency, the arts and so much more. Feel free to stop by a meeting and check it out free of charge. A nominal fee of $95 per semester covers facilities, speakers and snacks.
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Where & When

  • Monday - Tuesday
  • Wednesday - Friday
    09:30am - 11:30pm
  • Saturday - Sunday


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